Development is about tackling the poverty and injustice that prevent communities and individuals from realising their full potential. IAM’s development projects work with the poorest of poor towards the transformation of lives through partnership and empowerment.

The IAM Business Development Services (BDS) project works with low income women teaching basic business awareness and also literacy and numeracy skills. The project helps them to build a regular income from their business activities.

The IAM Community Development Project seeks to increase the capacity of communities to meet their basic needs.

The IAM Renewable Energy Sources in Afghanistan Project (RESAP) has as its goal to provide electricity for lighting and small appliances for Afghanistan rural communities. Small hydro power plants and solar water heaters are installed in many communities.

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Daniela Beyer and Simone Beck, both former IAM team members, have published an in-depth study on the minority Munji language in northern Afghanistan.  In their piece “A Linguistic Assessment of […]