What you can do

Online donations

Make a real difference in the lives of Afghans
100% of your donation will go to projects directly benefiting the Afghan people.
All IAM expat workers are volunteers and we keep project administration costs as low as possible.

International Assistance Mission

To make a donation online with Paypal please select your currency below. If you would like to suggest which project your donation should go towards, you can do this when Paypal asks for any extra information. We will endeavour to follow any suggestions made. If the purpose you preferred cannot be carried out for any reason, we will use these funds for similar projects approved by the Board of Directors.

What difference can your financial support make?

The following examples illustrate the impact that donations of different values can have in Afghanistan.

$10 would

  • Give two students adult literacy classes for one month
  • Buy ten new books for a women’s community library
  • Provide someone with a pair of good quality glasses

$50 would

  • Allow one student to complete the two month Basic Business Skills course
  • Make a trunk brace for a child with spinal tuberculosis
  • Give one Afghan student 50 hours of English teaching

$100 would

  • Replace a drinking water pipeline that has been destroyed by flash floods
  • Help to build an artificial leg for a person who lost his leg (below knee) through a mine explosion, or other injury
  • Pay for 30 English resource books

$1000 would

  • Cover the cost of the guards, rent, fuel and utilities, and housekeeping of the Silk Road English Center premises for one month
  • Provide three good quality water pumps for community wells, and pay a local worker to maintain them