Who we are

IAM is an international Christian organisation serving the people of Afghanistan through capacity building in the sectors of Health and Development. 

IAM began work in Afghanistan in 1966 and is the longest continually serving NGO in the country. Currently, in 2017, IAM has projects in six provinces. From our budget, 29% is spent on development, 48% on eye care, 23% on health. IAM’s projects include delivery of eye care and mental health care, training eye care and mental health professionals, community mental health awareness, hydroelectricity, community development, working with disabled persons, teaching English as a second language, and management and leadership training. In 2016, more than 291,000 Afghans were directly helped and more than 4,300 Afghans received training by IAM.

IAM has over 300 paid Afghan staff, and 22 volunteer expatriate Christian professionals from Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. Foreign staff members are required to learn a local language and the normal length of their assignment is three or more years. All IAM expatriate staff serve as volunteers and they are responsible for their own financial support.

IAM’s projects and programmes aim at long term, sustainable development and are focused on innovation. Such innovation is brought about through the partnership of foreign experts, who know the local culture and language and committed Afghan staff. Training and capacity building of Afghans outside of IAM follows successful innovation. Multiplication is achieved through partnership with other NGOs, the commercial sector, and/or the government taking on successful interventions.

Annual Reports

See our IAM annual reports from 2008 in PDF format.

Our Donors

Many commercial firms affirm that they have social responsibilities. They want to contribute funds, goods or services to the disadvantaged. IAM offers such firms a solid, trustworthy channel to fulfil […]

Our Values

IAM is a signatory to the Principles of Conduct for The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Response Programmes. Amongst others, we ascribe to the […]

More about Afghanistan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What characterises IAM? A. There are four things that characterise IAM: a) IAM takes a long term perspective (we were established in 1966), b) IAM is focused on innovation […]

Our History

When IAM started its work in 1966, the government requested us to focus on eye care. IAM has been heavily involved in the eye care sector right up to the […]