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I am a widow from Qizil Qishlaq a village in Faryab province located in the north-west of Afghanistan. Several years ago, my husband was killed in a traffic accident, leaving […]

Ethical treatment of patients and their right to fair treatment are standards medical professionals value globally.  The significance of ethical standards is essential to all medical and nurse training courses. […]

Baba Safdar is an elderly man, who has become one of our greatest advocates, in teaching men’s Birth and Life Saving Skills (BLiSS) in our community. Every day Baba would […]

Tahmina* was a young woman, who was brought to the clinic, by her father and sister. When she presented to the clinic, she was lying motionless on a bed. Tahmina’s […]

A man traveled a little over five hours from his small village to the bustling city of Mazar-e-Sharif in Northern Afghanistan. Ten years previously he had gotten a pair of […]

An elderly man traveled all the way from Bamiyan province to NOOR to have his eyes examined.  His eyesight had been poor for many years, and he needed an assistant […]

A woman presented to the clinic with her husband. She had severe depression because of the intensive domestic violence she suffered at the hands of her husband.  Domestic violence is […]

Traveling from Badakshan to Kabul is a long arduous journey, up over the Hindu Kush Mountains along, the Salang Pass, where at the height of the road you reach almost […]

An 80 year old man from the Spinboldak district had one eye that he couldn’t even see light due to Glaucoma, and a second eye where he could only see […]

One of the doctors who had participated in a mental health course reported later: “A patient was brought to my clinic who was behaving very aggressively. I took a history […]