Kandahar NOOR Eye Hospital

Kandahar Noor Eye Hospital (KNEH) is a 14-bed hospital that IAM NOOR opened in 2007 in cooperation with a local partner. This facility provides eye care to the southern region of Afghanistan.

IAM NOOR began its work in Kandahar in collaboration with a local businessman/philanthropist and head of a local NGO. A location was designated and a permanent optical workshop began functioning in July 2006. This evolved into the NOOR Kandahar Eye Hospital in 2007. The hospital has had great success over the years and covers over 50% of its operational costs. KNEH works in an extremely challenging environment and is a model of how affordable and sustainable eye care can be provided even in difficult places.

This project is the only one providing eye care for Kandahar and the surrounding provinces. The majority of the patients travel in from the surrounding provinces, some traveling for up to two days in order to receive care at KNEH.

In 2013, KNEH saw 17,682 patients and performed 671 surgeries.

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