Mental Health Program

The mental health work of IAM started as a response to the high suicide rate among Afghanistan women.

Mental Health Training Centre in Herat is set up to provide access to effective and affordable mental health care for the mentally ill of Afghanistan’s western region.

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Ethical treatment of patients and their right to fair treatment are standards medical professionals value globally.  The significance of ethical standards is essential to all medical and nurse training courses. […]

Tahmina* was a young woman, who was brought to the clinic, by her father and sister. When she presented to the clinic, she was lying motionless on a bed. Tahmina’s […]

A woman presented to the clinic with her husband. She had severe depression because of the intensive domestic violence she suffered at the hands of her husband.  Domestic violence is […]

One of the doctors who had participated in a mental health course reported later: “A patient was brought to my clinic who was behaving very aggressively. I took a history […]