Press Release - 25th January 2015 - Regard death of two expatriates in July 2014

 Kaija-Liisa Martin and Seija Järvenpää served as expatriate staff with International Assistance Mission (IAM) for more than 15 years. They were tragically killed in July 2014.


Kaija-Liisa was well known and loved by IAM staff in Kabul and Herat. In Herat, Kaija-Liisa supported a Community Development Project that provided sanitation, health training, and literacy classes to rural communities in Kushk.


Seija supported IAM’s Community Mental Health Project. This project raises awareness of mental illness and the need for effective and affordable mental health care in Afghanistan’s Western Region. Seija was designing a new project to provide social services to families living with mental illness. She is greatly missed by her colleagues and project beneficiaries.


IAM is a signatory of the ICRC code of conduct. IAM equally respects all Afghan peoples and serves on the basis of need irrespective of religious, cultural, ethnic and racial differences. IAM’s projects are not used to promote political or religious agendas. IAM has served the people of Afghanistan since 1966 through capacity building in Health and Economic Development.