29th July 2014 - Press Release

International Assistance Mission

On the death of 2 Finnish expatriate female staff

The IAM has been overwhelmed by the countless messages of condolences we have received after the tragic death of two of our expatriate team members on the 24th of July 2014 in Herat.  We are humbled by the warm support different people and organisations in Afghanistan as well as outside of the country have shown us in this time of great grief.  The practical help of our Afghan co-workers has been invaluable.

One of the messages of condolences is sent by The Association of Afghans in Finland to the Minister of Interior in Finland.


Our prayers are with the family members, friends and co-workers of the lost team members. We pray that the unselfish sacrifice of these two ladies would contribute in building a brighter future for the Afghans.


Dr Heini Mäkilä, Acting Executive Director
International Assistance Mission (IAM)