19th August 2014

On July 24th, two Finnish expatriate female staff members of IAM were killed in Herat.  Our prayers are with their relatives, friends, Afghan and international colleagues.

Seija Järvenpää, Finland

Seija  started her work with IAM in 1998. She worked with Community Development Project (CDP) in Herat province empowering rural communities to find solutions to their needs. She returned to Finland in 2006 and did further studies in social work. During her time in Finland she also worked with Afghan refugees. She then returned to Herat in the beginning of 2013 in order to start a pilot social work project among mental health patients and their families.

Seija Järvenpää


Kaija Liisa Martin, Finland

Kaija Liisa came to Afghanistan  in 1998. She worked in several senior administrative roles within IAM in Kabul and Herat. In Herat she also worked in Community Development Project (CDP) and Business Development Services (BDS) project working with low income women. Kaija-Liisa studied Development Research  besides her work. She had  returned from her home assignment  in July 2014 to become the Regional Team Leader of IAM in Herat.

Kaija Liisa Martin