World Mental Health Day celebrated in Herat and Mazar with the global theme of Living with Schizophenia


In Herat the Community Mental Health Project (CMHP) of IAM arranged the World Mental Health Day celebration with the collaboration of Herat Public Health  and Education Directorates. More than 380 people from different sectors of society including the heads of all government departments, members of Herat provincial council, religious leaders, teachers, student from universities and schools, national and international NGO's, associations and civil society members participated in the ceremony.


After the speech of  Dr.Bashir Ahmad Sarwari, Head of the Mental Health Department of the Ministry of Public Health,  the Head of the Health and Youth Department of the Education Directorate in Herat  thanked IAM for its efforts to help school students to cope with mental disorders and for doing mental health awareness programs in schools.  Dr. Ghluam Sayid Rashid, the Public Health Director of Herat thanked IAM  for its mental health activities and  remembered  the loss of two IAM members and appreciated their services for the people in Afghanistan. A local theater group presented a drama about  living with schitzophrenia.


In Mazar the World Mental Health Day celebration was arranged by the Mental Health Training Center (MHTC-M) together with the Directorate of Health.  Almost 300 people attended the celebration with representatives from different sectors of society, Ministry of Public Health, provincial directorates, NGOs , students and  civil society.


To strengthen the awareness raising of mental health issues CMHP nominated a whole week (11 to 16 October) as a mental health awareness week in Herat.  During this week special TV and radio programs  were broadcast and magazines, posters, brochures and flip charts weredistributed to different groups of the community.