Twice a week 12 enthusiastic men gather together to the basketball field in Maimana Orthopaedic Workshop and Physiotherapy Center. They have different physical disabilities, but it doesn`t make them not to enjoy playing basketball and have a good time together.

Those men are Maimana wheelchair basketball team which is one of the four basketball teams in Afghanistan. They really want to learn more about that great sport so we were privileged to have Jesse Markt from USA to coach them for a week in the end of October. In the end of the week the team went to Mazar-e-Sharif to have a match against ICRC team. Jesse taught them good basic things and some helpful moves. He was also impressed by these great men and their positive attitude.  We were pleased to have Jesse here and we´re welcoming him back to teach us how to score, even from a wheelchair. Thanks Jesse!