The NOOR Program has been the lead organization in training eye care professionals in Afghanistan for over four decades and we continue to work to provide training at all levels, with a clear focus on ensuring that there is sustainable eye care for the entire country.

We train ophthalmologists, ophthalmic technicians, eye nurses, community health workers, and others allied health professionals. We have a particular emphasis on providing training to those who work in rural areas and serve those who are most in need of eye care.

Ophthalmologist training at OTC
We run a residency program at our Ophthalmic Training Center in Kabul. At the end of the residency program doctors are eligible to take the NOOR-administered Doctor of Ophthalmology exam, which is officially recognized by the Government of Afghanistan.

Ophthalmic Technician Training Programme (OTTP)
NOOR trains Ophthalmic Technicians for work in underserved areas of the country. 20 students are currently in training and upon graduation will return to their home regions and provide mid-level eye care. OTTP is a two year course. NOOR has trained all the Ophthalmic Technicians in Afghanistan.  

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