TechCircles is a new IAM project offering Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) training and services to the NGO community.  The goal of this project is to increase the ICT capacity, effectiveness, and utilization within NGOs.  TechCircles began in Kabul at the beginning of 2012, incorporating IAM's existing IT staff and infrastructure and beginning to prioritize capacity building as an integral part of the work.  

While work in 2012 has mostly been within IAM, TechCircles has begun to branch out into the wider NGO community.  TechCircles completed projects at an Afghan government hospital with the assistance of NOOR and conducted training and offered services to a number of other NGOs during 2012.

At the end of the year, TechCircles in Mazar-i-Sharif opened with one staff member and an expectation of hiring in the new year.  TechCircles is excited about the work in Mazar as this is the first ICT services and training started outside of Kabul that is specifically geared towards NGOs.

Currently, due to lack of funding TechCircles has been suspended, but hopes to restart as soon as future funding can be obtained.