Peacebuilding Programme

The Peacebuilding Programme focuses on two areas: peacebuilding integration with existing IAM projects and peace education in a variety of contexts.  Much of the work of the Peacebuilding Programme in 2012 consisted of giving shape and vision to the programme.  

In the second half of 2012, however, several activities signalled the start of the Peacebuilding Programme.  In October, the Peacebuilding Programme led a peacebuilding module for the Institute for Leadership Development in Kabul.  The Peacebuilding Programme also started a peacebuilding discussion class, consisting mainly of university students.

The second peacebuilding discussion class happened to fall a few days after much of the uproar began surrounding the anti-Islamic video released online in Septemeber of 2012.  Many protests, some of which became violent, happened all over the world, and a few non-violent protests took place in Afghanistan.  The discussion class had a rich, and at times difficult, discussion, which covered topics, including free speech and differerent responses to religious hate speech.  This class displayed the huge benefit of cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue.  Usually it's only the extremists that are in the news and it often seems like they speak for and represent and an entire country or society, when in fact the reality is very different.  In order to break down stereotypes and really know "the other,"  these kinds of conversations and dialogues need to continue to happen.