English as a Foreign Language

The English as a Foreign Language (EFL) project is designed to assist Afghan men and women with the English skills necessary for their professional and personal development.

Its purpose  is to "to teach English in order to help facilitate Afghanistan's participation in international-level communication, relationships, education, commerce, and holistic development." 

Increasing the capacity of English in Afghanistan is a vital foundation for the rebuilding of this country that is slowly getting back on its feet. Without English language skills, progress is greatly hindered and the nation will continue to be more internationally isolated. Its citizens know how important it is to communicate with foreign governments, nongovernmental organizations, and aid agencies in order to get the help they need.

Afghans also need to be able to communicate in English in order for them to reach an international level in education, communications, and business. Furthermore, the universities in Afghanistan are now changing over to using English as the language of instruction.