NOOR Eye Care

NOOR - National Organisation for Ophthalmic Rehabilitation

In 2012, the NOOR Programme provided eye-care to over 167,000 patients in Afghanistan.

The NOOR Eye Care Programme began in 1966, with the goal of providing high-quality and affordable eye care to the people of Afghanistan.  Over the past forty-seven years, NOOR has partnered with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of the Government of Afghanistan, to support eye care facilities throughout the country and to provide eye care training for professionals.

We operate three referral hospitals: the NOOR Eye Care Training Centre (NETC) in Kabul, Mazar Ophthalmic Centre (MOC), and Kandahar NOOR Eye Hospital.  Additionally, NOOR provides logistical support and financial oversight to the Ministry of Public Health's Central Polyclinic in Kabul and Herat Ophthalmic Centre.  These two referral hospitals were founded by NOOR, and we continue an on-going relationship with them as they operate under IAM NOOR protocols.